Does free coffee increases participant in a motorcycle rally?


Motorcycle rally event attracts many participants and observers. However, during winter the number reduces due to low temperatures. To attract more viewers making coffee on site tends to be an awesome activity to add warmth to viewers and rejuvenate participants before and at the end of the rally.

There are many coffee varieties in the globe. Motorcycle rally organizers can engage coffee makers to pitch a tent and allow free coffee for all the participants.

harley-davidson-travel-mug-with-lid-black-goldIs making coffee on site economically viable?

Once organizers decide to have free coffee on site, the budget will determine its economic benefit. Restrictions can be created on  “free coffee” to be strictly for the first cup. In case participants and viewers decide to add more cups, it should be at an extra cost. To add fun to the event, some event managers organize a super automatic espresso making competition with prizes won at the end of the event.

A motorcycle rally is one fun-filled outdoor event, at the end of a tedious completion of riders who cut across tough terrain and harsh weather conditions, free coffee can be the best unwind energy drink for them for warmth and energy rejuvenation. So check this epic espresso machine reviews and the benefits of coffee below:

Benefits of coffee in the body

Enhances concentration

Coffee is a stimulant associated with alertness and increased concentration. Motorcycle rally riders require maximum concentration during participation of such an event. Free coffee for them acts as an energy booster before they embark on the activity. It stimulates the brain cells to increase metabolism as well as trigger adrenaline – a hormone responsible for controlling body functions like heart rate and excretion of waste products such as sweat.

motorcycle-rally3Boosts energy levels

Coffee has a direct effect on brain cells responsible for memory, reasoning and timely response to triggers. Motorcycle riding is a sensitive event, which requires high intelligence and prompt action. Making coffee for participants in the rally will offer efficiency to riders especially when timely action is required.

Improved physical health

A motorcycle rider participating in a motorcycle rally should be physically fit. Caffeine in coffee is renowned for breaking fat content in the body to energy-giving nutrients. Free coffee in such an activity will boost the performance of the participants and depend on a rider’s body function; it can improve the time taken to finish a race.

Acts as antioxidants

Micronutrients contained in coffee acts as oxidant agent. Antioxidants are responsible for cell and tissue renewal, which in turn leads to proper organ and organ system functions. A motorcycle rider needs a proper body function to be able to finish the race faster and better.

Making coffee during a motorcycle rally activity using my fave Delonghi prima donna has more health benefits than just the fun it brings in sampling different coffee blends. It is more useful to the participants since it has been proved to aid in increased performance. However, in the case of championships, it is advisable to seek the permission of authorities to be sure , its intake  on site does not violate the rules and regulations of the rally.