Choosing The Right Paint Sprayer for Your Motor Garage

A good paint sprayer should allow the flow of paint to the surface. Painting vehicles in a motor garage require a little expertise. Painting a motorcycle requires segmented spraying; they are painted in different parts because of numerous joints. Poor choice of a sprayer means poor result and band saw will help you with your project because it has highest possible quality for finishing touches. A good spray pattern is a marketing strategy for your garage. The word of mouth and social media praises you can achieve through an extraordinary motorcycle spray pattern means more referrals and overflow of motorcyclists to your motor garage. Motorcycle for special events paints their machines to communicate the theme and color of the function. A use the best equipment is vital.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sprayer

Ability to Remove Dust Particles

Motorcycle spraying is a tedious process because of dismantling the petrol box from the motorcycle and painting it differently. Just like any automotive, it attracts dust particles which affect the overall outlook of the paint if not well removed. Use a sprayer, which can get rid of the dust particles before painting. You can also remove it manually using sand paper, although it is cumbersome when you have many motor vehicles to paint.

Free Flow of Air

A good sprayer should allow free flow of air. This is also the science behind the constant flow of paint. Any slight blockage at the nozzle means no flow of paint. Air is also essential for paint aeration.

Ability to Regulate Amount of Paint

The pattern for your motorcycle requires control of paint at different times. The pump should be such that you are able to regulate the amount of paint from the nozzle to develop the desired pattern.


This is an outdoor activity; the sprayer should be portable to avoid movement of the motorcycle to the stationary motorcycle. This also helps to ensure the joints and curves are in contact with the paint.

Long Nozzle

A longer nozzle increases the surface area flow easy flow of paint under the influence of gravity. The mechanics in it is such that it allows the user to move it easily within the motorcycle parts, the longer the nozzle the larger the paint capacity.

Ability to Design Various Spray Patterns

The spray pattern displays the theme. The tip of the nozzle should have a small radius to allow the user design appropriate pattern in line with the theme of the event.

Spray Capacity

The sprayer should be large enough to accommodate more paint. However, it should not be bulky since at times the user puts it on his back while painting the motorcycles. The capacity also depends on the type of paint. Oils paints are heavier compared to water paints.

The paint sprayer in a motorcycle event is a branding tool. It should be able to portray the mission of the event. If it is a marketing activation, the patterns should be visible, use bright colors. Purchase a durable sprayer ideal for commercial purposes.