BBQ smoker in motorcycle sidecar



BBQ smoker in motorcycle sidecar is a great way of moving the smoker from one point to the other. It offers the rider portability and mobility to serve customers at their comfort zones. Think of it, in a small event where everyone is scattered trying to enjoy the events of the day, it is difficult to realize that there is a sidecar with a BBQ smoker within the grounds unless it comes closer or smells the scent of nice aroma which attracts the crowd to have a taste of the meal.


Why people prefer BBQ- smoked food


Health experts recommend grilling as the best method of cooking as opposed to frying and baking. It retains the nutritive value and taste of the meals. The unique feature of the smoker is the motorcycle engine provides power to the smoker. You can moderate the temperature to your desired. The rider does not have to turn the smoker for the meal to be prepared. You can enjoy the proceedings of the event while preparing your own meal.


Entrepreneurs use the perfect BBQ smoker to prepare bites and sale to participants at the end the end of the day, they make money without causing any air pollution. The smoke it slowly absorbed in the outside environment.


A customer has an option to choose the desired bite while raw and waits to see it cook. This allows you to eat a fresh meal just like home. This is a perfect appliance for motorcycle championships. Organizers can outsource it from a restaurant to add glamour to the event.


Marketers can use the space on the BBQ cylinder to create a presence and market their products. Its mobility within a gathering proclaims the company name, brand, and contacts for any other interested parties.


The mobile meat smoker is a new concept among the perfect BBQ smokers available in the market. It is easily assembled and unpacked on site. The metals are made of cast iron, which does not easily rust. You can use different types of smokers like pellet and charcoal; [pellet smokers listed here] and charcoal: []. In addition, you have an option if using the charcoal or the motorcycle engine for energy provision.


The sidecar can be used as a storage space for all the ingredients and recipes. There are many containers available in the market to keep the meals fresh throughout the day, even if there is no power source from the grid.


It comes with wheels, which are compatible with the motorcycle sidecar. Manufacturers are flexible enough to modify the appliance to suit your needs. For example, if you require bigger wheel because of a bigger motorcycle; they are ready to design though at an extra cost.


This is a perfect BBQ smoker ideal for all outdoor events irrespective of the number of people in the crowd. Its portability has made it widely accepted for it also boosts of 80 percent of sales. It was launched in 2007.


Event organizers should borrow the concept and incorporate it into their function. It can also be automotive for competition among consumers to display different models.

Dog carrier- a must have kit for pet riders


Dogs are favorite pets for many homeowners. They become companions for both indoor and outdoor functions. Pet riders have to invest in a good dog carrier to help carry the pets for longer distances. In addition, they should prepare the dogs through training for such drastic movements especially when they enroll them to participate in various events and championships. Dog carriers ensure the pets are comfortable when carried in the passenger seat or on the luggage rack.

Before embarking on such a task, a pet rider must train the dog to hang tightly at the back of a rider, in case he is using a backpack carrier. The pet must also learn how to stay calmly at the seat when placed on the motorcycle seat irrespective of weather and traffic.

Five reasons why a dog carrier is essential for any pet rider

Safety and protection

It is very easy for a dog to get lost during outdoor events. A dog carrier protects your dog from unauthorized entry as you also enjoy events of the day. The kit offers convenience to pet riders since they are able to carry the pet to whatever destination. Dog carrier protects the dog from car rides, which might be harmful while in transit.

Dog restrain

During motorcycle ride, the carrier acts as a cage and support to prevent the dog from straining. This is helpful to prevent them from causing accidents and other disturbances. The carriers also prevent the dog from airborne infections because of interaction with the external environment. Some dog carriers have compartments for feeds to keep the dog full while at the back of a motorcycle.

Prevention from harsh weather

Motorcycling is associated with strong winds and dust. A good carrier should prevent the dog from such weather conditions, which might cause eye and ear infections. Some carriers have are enclosed with just an opening for breathing; these is ideal especially during championships where speed is vital. Others are waterproof to bar water from getting inside the carrier.


In America, nearly 40 percent of every home has a dog. When attending an event -which might take days or even weeks -the dog might lack someone to take care of it, as well as become lonely. To offer companionship while out there, a dog carrier comes in handy. It allows the dog to enjoy the comfort away from home.

Food Storage

These Dog Carriers have a space where you can store food for your dog. It is very convenient to always have food for him. So better start asking yourself, what food is the best when dogs  are travelling. For example: Is pineapple for puppies or celery is safe?


Imagine a pet staying out for the better part of the day, while you have fun out there. A dog carrier offers warmth for the pet. When the external environment is not favorable, the pet can coil into the carrier to continue enjoying the cordiality and comfort.

A pet rider should be keen and considerate on the pet when purchasing a dog carrier. The type of a dog carrier depends on the size of the dog, the type of motorcycle, prevailing weather conditions and more importantly your budget. They should be taking doggy joint supplements to make sure they will have a strong immune system and having a good dog carrier for an outdoor event should be durable, strong and immune to tough weather conditions.